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Original paintings for sale – all paintings by artist Juan Cruz. Buy paintings depicting landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and portraits. I try to keep a stock of about forty original oil paintings for exhibition purposes with the added benefit that there is always plenty to look through.


Manzanas Rojas  oleo sobre lienzo 46X36 122 €395

Estupa de Buddah  40X40 cm oleo sobre lienzo 101 €295

Pueblo Ingles 12″X16 oil on canvas  

Juan Cruz  

Fine ART prints


12X16″ 30X41cm

The river Oil on canvas

002  €350


Turville Oxon 30X20 76X51cmoil on canvas 0023 €550



Sold Sold 
Vista desde la Estupaoleo sobre lienzo30X25 cm 089 € 250

Santo Domingo 30x25cm oleo sobre lienzo090  € 250

Margaritas30x25cm oleo sobre lienzo    091 €250

Playa Yuca  40X40 cmoleo sobre lienzo092 €295

Puerto la Duquesaoleo sobre lienzo51X72 cm  093 €500

Photo0166 Seascape 24X20 61x51cm  oil on canvas box

003      €495
The farm  oil on canvas box 20X24″ 51x61cm

004     €495
To the farm oil on canvas box 20X24″  51x61cm005      € 495 


Sold Countryside 26×24″ oil on canvas Box

The Village  oil on canvas box 26X24″

Castillo Bil Bil30X25 cm oleo sobre lienzo  007  € 250

 The pond  oil on canvas box 20X16″ 51x41cm008      €495

Bridge to the farm Oil on canvas 20″X24″  0221

Stepping stones oil on canvas 20″X24″ 

Cottages5X7″ oil on canvas panel 009Sold On the Gardens oil on canvas 12″X10″   30x25cm

  010    € 250
Cottages 2 oil on canvas panel 5X7″ Sold Benalmadena pueblo 30X25 cm oleo sobre lienzo 012         €250

Seascape 5X7″     13x18cm oil on canvas panel 013 €195

Stillife1 5X7″ 13x18cmoil on canvas panel

 014      €195


Rhododendrons 5X7″ 13x18cm oil on canvas panel

015      €195


Stillife12″X16 oil on canvas



Flowers 2 5X7″ oil on canvas panel   016 Sold


Tiger 5X7″ oil on canvas panel 017



Seascape 3 5X7″ oil on canvas panel 

Landscape5X7″ oil on canvas panel  019

Stillife 8X10 oil on canvas box 020

Sold Norwayoil on canvas 8X12 13x18cm021    €225

Cottage Garden oil on canvas 8X10″ 022 €225

Girl By the Window   12X16″ 30x41cm

023     €325
Flowers 20 oil on canvas 12″X10″   Sold Cottages by the river, Oil on canvas box 20×24″ 024

The Village Church oil on canvas box 20X24″ 025

The Church oil on panel 5X7″

Flowers 3 oil on canvas panel 5X7″Sold   Boy on a horse 12 x 16″ 30x41cm

0125 €350
Scotland  oil on canvas box26X24 66x61cm

007     €550


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